Pumpkin drawing - line-art (wallpaper)

A pumpkin (Latin: Cucurbita) is a native vegetable of North America. But it's also grows in European country's. It has a typical orange color. It includes a lot of seeds and pulp. A pumpkin can grow very large, some pumpkin's has even grown to a 1000 pounds (450 Kg's).
Drawing of a big pumpkin in grey
It's traditionally used in Thanksgiving meals in the US. Hollowed pumpkin's are than been used as decorations. Children like to carve a face in the pumkin and decorate it with candles inside.

As vegetable the pumpkin is uses for soups. But also pumpkin pie is very popular.

Trough the history, Greek people called it the 'large melon'. The oldest pumpkin seeds ever found dating around 7000 BC, in Mexico.